A biography of louis armstrong an influential american jazz musician

For More Information Bergreen, Laurence. Lem Johnson subsequently left the group and was replaced by Stafford Simon. With his new repertoire came a new, simplified style: It has given me something to live for.

Cyr banjoLil Armstrong on piano, and usually no drummer. His resonant, velvety lower-register tone and bubbling cadences on sides such as "Lazy River" exerted a huge influence on younger white singers such as Bing Crosby. However, Jordan may have taken credit for some songs written by others—he is credited as the co-writer of " Saturday Night Fish Fry ", but the Tympany Five pianist Bill Doggett later claimed that in fact he had written the song.

He grew up in dire poverty in New OrleansLouisiana, when jazz was very young. Despite this he had a crossover number 1 single, "G.

In the second stanza he breaks into an almost fully improvised melody, which then evolves into a classic passage of Armstrong " scat singing ". What makes your big head so hard? He was the first jazz musician to appear on the cover of Time magazine, on February 21, Guys who invent terms like that are walking the streets with their instruments under their arms.

By the summer ofhis doctors pronounced him fit enough to resume live performances. He also starred in a series of short musical films and made numerous " soundies " for his hit songs. In this period Jordan had eighteen number 1 singles and fifty-four in the Top Ten. And it was cheaper. His version of the song became his biggest selling record to date.

The band drew the Hollywood crowd, which could still afford a lavish night life, while radio broadcasts from the club connected with younger audiences at home. This is considered the beginning of his commercial decline, even though he reverted to the Tympany Five format within a year.

She prodded him into wearing more stylish attire to offset his girth. In her small home, he had to share a bed with his mother and sister.

Louis Armstrong

But there were still occasions when he produced well-crafted, brilliant music. It became impossible under such circumstances to finance a piece touring band. A jazz ambassador[ edit ] Armstrong in By the s, Armstrong was a widely beloved American icon and cultural ambassador who commanded an international fanbase.

He married Martha Weaver, a singer and dancer, in He also got into trouble. Decline of popularity[ edit ] InJordan assembled a short-lived big band that included Pee Wee Moore and others, at a time when big bands were declining in popularity.

He is regarded as one of the most important and influential musicians in the history of jazz music. Morris Karnoffsky gave Armstrong an advance toward the purchase of a cornet from a pawn shop. Cyr noted, "One felt so relaxed working with him, and he was very broad-minded Armstrong was now free to develop his personal style as he wished, which included a heavy dose of effervescent jive, such as "Whip That Thing, Miss Lil" and "Mr.

In April Decca launched the Sepia Series, a cent line that featured artists who were considered to have the "crossover potential" to sell in both the black and white markets.

Louis Jordan

InWebb fired Jordan for trying to persuade Fitzgerald and others to join his new band. The city had jobs for blacks making good wages at factories with some left over for entertainment. In his last years ill health curtailed his trumpet playing, but he continued as a singer. During the s, a widespread revival of interest in the traditional jazz of the s made it possible for Armstrong to consider a return to the small-group musical style of his youth.Louis Armstrong and His Music - Louis Armstrong and His Music “The essence of jazz- making something new out of something old, making something personal out of something shared- has no finer exemplar than Armstrong.” (Hasse par.

3) During the ’s a young African American man, otherwise known as Louis Armstrong, helped create and represent a new twist on popular music. Louis Armstrong, Master of Modernism [Thomas Brothers] on mint-body.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

The definitive account of Louis Armstrong―his life and legacy―during the most creative period of his career. Nearly years after bursting onto Chicago’s music scene under the tutelage of Joe King Oliver. L ouis Armstrong was a famous jazz trumpet player and singer.

He is regarded as one of the most important and influential musicians in the history of jazz music. Louis Daniel Armstrong (August 4, – July 6, ), nicknamed Satchmo, Satch, and Pops, was an American trumpeter, composer, singer and occasional actor who was one of the most influential figures in mint-body.com career spanned five decades, from the s to the s, and different eras in the history of jazz.

Inhe was inducted into the Rhythm & Blues Hall of Fame. Join mint-body.com in a look at legendary jazz singer Billie Holiday's life and career, and the alcoholism and heroin addiction that got the best of Lady Day.

Louis Armstrong Biography

Kid Ory: Kid Ory, American trombonist and composer who was perhaps the first musician to codify, purely by precept, the role of the trombone in classic three-part contrapuntal jazz improvisation.

Ory is often remembered as a “tailgate” trombonist, one whose style of playing fills in, or supports, other band.

A biography of louis armstrong an influential american jazz musician
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