Apple inc and the macro environment essay

Employment and consumer protection laws are few others to name that the company avail as an opportunity for their rationale growth. For instance, the high economic growth rates of Asian countries are major opportunities for Apple to increase revenues through sales in these foreign markets and attracting investors from these countries.

Only areas that need attention are the legal and political. Improving free trade policies opportunity Stable politics in developed countries opportunity More free trade policies are created over time, especially with developing countries.

Concern about energy use and other side effects from data centers could lead to increased regulation and costs. However at the end of the day, only one should remain standing in this high-technological world.

News reports indicate that Apple is planning to enter another highly-regulated sector: All our facilities worldwide — including offices, retail stores, and data centers — are now powered entirely by clean energy. They are crucial to the ability of a company to deliver value to customers.

On the other hand, technological integration of devices is a major trend. Our supplier Ibiden has one of the largest floating solar projects in the world.

Suppliers Suppliers provide the goods needed by a company to produce its product and create value for its customers. They can be divided into the following different types of publics: And we continue to make progress toward our environmental priorities.

Discussing the political area, to reduce the operating cost, it has outsourced to various countries. Potential Impact of Social Factors on Apple The biggest growth in consumer spending in coming decades will be in areas of the world such as Africa where people are unfamiliar with Apple products.

Apple Inc. PESTEL/PESTLE Analysis & Recommendations

With the emerging weather climate changes and laws regulating the pollution associated with these changes, Apple is on track to consume energy from solar, geothermal and hydro sources.

This leaves the company highly vulnerable to both piracy and litigation. Economic Factors Considering the economic impact on the business, Apple revenues can adversely be influenced by recession and economic crisis to a large extent due to its premium pricing strategy.

Business sustainability trend opportunity Product energy efficiency trend opportunity Labor rights trend opportunity Apple is already addressing the opportunity to maintain business sustainability through recycling and related programs. Each company adjusts its strategy against competitors based on its size and position.

Potential Impact of Environmental Factors on Apple The biggest environmental issue facing Apple is the disposal of used or nonworking electronic devices.

There is a backlash against expensive and stylish products among some customers in the United States and Europe. It can be concluded that bad political relation with other countries can have bad outcomes for the company.

Apple can exploit this opportunity by offering cloud-friendly devices and apps. Marketers have to constantly monitor changes in the cost and availability of supplies and adjust strategies accordingly.

PESTEL Analysis of Apple Inc.

There are five well-known levels of differentiations.The UK Marketing Environment for the iPhone competitors and distributors, the macro-environment through technological, economical, social, political and environmental forces and finally the internal environment through the relation of Apple with its employees and its marketing philosophy.

More about Essay on The UK Marketing Environment. Macro environment Essay. A+. Pages:2 Words This is just a sample. Our product and all of the other actors operate in a large macro environment of forces that shape opportunities and pose threats to the company is known as macro environment.

Macro and micro environment of apple Essay Sample

The six macro-environments forces ; Apple Inc. and the Macro Environment ; Micro and macro. In both the practicum assignment and the market planning assignment, my group chose to use Apple. In terms of microenvironmental factors, top management within the company sets objectives for the firm which are used by the marketing department to develop marketing strategies.

A Case Study Apple Swot Pestel Analysis A Brief Profile of Apple Inc. Owing to its uniqueness and innovation in its wide range of products, Apple is regarded as the world’s most notable and recognizable brand for electronic devices.

Apple Inc. PESTLE Analysis

The evolving environment of electronic communication/5(14K). PESTEL Analysis of Apple Inc. by kasi | PESTEL Analysis. This PESTEL analysis identifies the most significant external factors that Apple must include in addressing its macro-environment.

Though Apple is a leading company in the industry, this analysis depicts the advancements and progress that needs focus to maintain its leadership and. Apple Inc. PESTLE Analysis. PESTLEanalysis Contributor Oct 19, Ad Blocker Detected be able to thrive in spite of these challenges because it has demonstrated an impressive ability to adapt to a changing environment.

In particular, Apple’s research and design capabilities give it an advantage that should propel its revenue growth for.

Apple inc and the macro environment essay
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