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This is because women in India form a small percentage of the working population and thus they are denied the retirement benefits that working men has access to when they grow old. Social networking among elderly empowers them by updating about their rights, legal safeguards and thereby improving their self-confidence.

Rafique and Hussain found that gender is a significant factor behind the adjustment of aged people. Informal supports are provided by family and friends; semiformal support refers to the support provided by neighbourhood organizations such as churches or senior citizens centre.

People in the network may or may not provide social support. The policy addresses only the urban population but ignores the elderly living in rural areas majority and engaged in unorganized sectors.

Factors influencing social isolation of elderly females Kalyan, Various factors are associated with social isolation of elderly females.

Illango is of the opinion that, in India, informal care is essentially needed because of minimized formal care services and due to the culture and traditional values. In old age women are subjected to various kinds of financial exploitation, to prevent this and help her to manage her possession, she needs legal help.

Elderly women are more vulnerable to social isolation as a result of their loss of the wife role through divorce or widowhood. Informal support system is the provision of day to day companionship by friends and neighbours. To involve them in various social, recreational, educational and cultural activities, old age clubs and other organizations should be formed.

Even though, it is a known fact that elder abuse has been taking place in the families, it remains largely hidden with in the privacy of the home. Illango is of the viewpoint that if government takes measures to provide economic assistance to the families in order to take care of the aged people, it acts as an incentive to look after the aged and keep the older people with them.

Social support system and well being of elderly women- Indian context

Elder abuse — Concept, theories and interventions, Chapman and Hall, London, pp. Traditional joint family system, which existed in India, always gave respect to elders and their roles were very clear.

When they grow old, they cease to be the producers or contributors and become dependant physically, psychologically and economically on their family members. Exclusive support services for elderly women should be established; Help line services where they can contact for any kind of information, telephonic counselling, for any and every kind of support in case of abuse or neglect by family members or outsiders Srivastava, It has a bigger impact on their psychological well-being.

To avoid such situations in later life we need to be proactive and take steps much earlier in their life cycle.

Role of support system in protecting the life of older women is worth mentioning. Significance of social networking in promoting physical and mental health is proved by many studies conducted abroad.

Older persons, who are abused or mistreated, are reluctant to share their experiences with people outside their home. Hobby classes can be organized for them to compensate for their depression due to lack of emotional support from near and dear ones.

Figure 2 shows that lack of proper social support has a significant role in increasing the vulnerability of elderly women to abuse. Being old, female and abused jeopardizes elderly woman.

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Enhancing social networking among the elderly will contribute to their being updated about the latest in the world; the legal safeguards to defend themselves and will there by reduce their vulnerability to crime Yatish and Parantap, Diminishing social support networks aggravate vulnerability of elderly women to social isolation in their later years of life.

Indian journal of social work, vol. Health, social and cultural perspectives, Hawroth press Inc. To face and overcome challenges in their later years of life, they need to be empowered.eHEALTH - The Enterprise of Healthcare, covering case studies, research papers, policy briefs, articles, Executive Interviews, industry trends and market update.

ELDER ABUSE IN INDIA Country Report for World Health Organization Shubha Soneja HelpAge India C, Qutab Institutional Area New Delhi - Thekkedath S. H., Joseph M. V. (). Social support system and well being of elderly women- Indian context.

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Case study helpage india
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