Literature review on student information system

Download Template Joomla 3. While Janes stated that computers are extremely reliable device and very powerful calculators with some great accessories applications like word processing problem for all of business activities, regardless of size, computers have three advantages over other type of office equipment that process information because computer are faster, more accurate more economical.

Automation Enrollment System Gumitaosystem is designed to provide reports of the list of enrollment per school year, periodical grade of students, and list of new, old and transferees Revalla created an Automation Enrollment System for the computer Science Department of the Laguna College business and Arts.

It can also be used for command-line scripting and client-side graphical user interface GUI applications. The registrar hits the submit button MF Organizations are now rapidly building new database applications or reengineering existing ones to take full advantage of the web as a strategic platform for implementing innovative business solutions, in effect becoming web-centric organization.

It is also made to give accurate reports and keep records of every students every students and for easy and fast way of enrollment. Dzubeck, Frank, Inspired by the advancement of modern technology and the problems regarding enrollment transactions the proponents have come up with an online enrollment system exclusively for school with many enrollees.

Decision Tree Diagram Finally the design phase provides enough information with respect to all the entities and their relations.

A computerized system to minimized the lost of record and burden of work was designed by Pajarillo in The numerous transactions that the manual system covers, such as updating and adding student records, generating the advising and assessment slips, and the like considering the manual operating system to be inefficient for the need of the institution.

The study was conceived because of the need to update the current registration system of LCBA, which is done manually. This allows students to make up their time schedules for different class courses without time schedule conflicts. Kampitan developed an Enrollment System of Liceo De Victoria that is designed to keep the students records.

Computer helps to increase the productivity of people. The content management tools lets the Jones school staff edit, update or add to the volume of curriculum and event information without calling for technical assistance. The system fails to authenticate user after a default of 2 continuous unsuccessful attempts AF Web-based enrollment system is currently emerging on markets for they are offering transaction convenience and service efficiency through the use of Internet.

MySQL is also chosen to create the database for the back end user since it is extensively used third generation database management system. Result A web based student database system intended to track and store student records is the outcome of the project after a critical analysis, design, building and testing of the system.

Solomondeveloped Enrollment and Record keeping System, to know how to read sign the data that is used to be kept the record files of students and also that, it could be mange more efficiently in computer with his project.Contains all literature and studies with connection to an enrollment system.

(DCNHS). These major concerns are affecting the efficient enrolment system of students. Security of the students records were found to be at high risk.

Review of Related Literature-Thesis Guide Rachel Khan.

Review of Related Literature. Review of Related Literature This chapter primarily presents the different researches and other literatures form both But student information systems have been moving to the web since the late s and that trend is accelerating as institutions replace older systems.


LITERATURE REVIEW Literature Review 7 Data And Information. CHAPTER 2 LITERATURE REVIEW Introduction Students also indicated a desire to develop better computer skills than what they were currently getting in school.

Only one third of those surveyed thought their computer • Information systems: budgeting, general ledger, cash management, data mining.

Computerized Student Information System. Sample of Literature Review. Assessment of Records Management in the University of the Philippines. Student's Profiling System. Chapter II inventory management system.

`REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE. Monitoring and Billing System/5(5). Information System. Literature Review: Processing Locating applicable peer-reviewed articles is certainly a necessary condition for a literature review (Shaw, b); however, it is not a sufficient condition.

The data contained in the sources identified must be processed into information that can serve as a foundation upon which new research .

Literature review on student information system
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