The musical life and career of nat king cole

A jazz pianist, composer, and singer, he was widely beloved for his smooth, silky voice. Colehowever, salvaged the concept of the show for a stage production he called Sights and Sounds: Cole clearly supported the civil rights movement, as he brought many lawsuits against hotels in Pennsylvania and Illinois for denying rooms to himself and his musicians on the basis of race.

The Very Thought of You, In late they were contracted by Decca. Nat King Cole at the Piano, As an adult, I discovered his non-Christmas music and grew to believe that he was one of the best voices of his generation.

Why should they attack me? The group gradually built up a following, with Cole emerging as a singer as well as a pianist. With high profile friends, such as Frank Sinatra, his position entailed compromises that gained him the hostility of civil rights activists in the early s.

He was forgiving of the incident, prompting criticism from the black community, but was soon widely praised for his dignity. Such controversies do not obscure his real talent as a performer, however. Instead, he had spent a decade as a celebrated jazz pianist, leading his own small group.

He did not finish the concert and never again performed in the southern United States. Love Is the Thing went to number one in April remained his only number one album. Cole was criticized by civil rights leaders, however, for continuing to play in segregated venues, a practice he defended by arguing that he had a responsibility to perform for his fans, no matter their color.

And, as his recordings fell into the public domain in Europe, where there is a year copyright limit, a spate of low-quality reissues assumed flood levels. Inthe trio was signed by Capitol Records, a fledgling operation founded in the previous year by well-known lyricists Johnny Mercer and Buddy DeSylva, and record store owner Glen Wallichs.

At four years old, he was learning the piano by ear from his mother, a choir director in the church. With that tune, the King Cole Trio suddenly had a hit on the pop charts rather than the limited jazz marketa new and capable manager named Carlos Gastel, and a contract with Capitol Records.

Biographer Daniel Mark Epstein, for his book Nat King Cole, consulted the census to determine that the Coles household had a male infant at that time and confirm the birth year as But unlike them, he had not emerged from a background as a band singer in the swing era.

InNelson Riddle related an incident from some years earlier and told of music studio engineers, searching for a source of noise, finding Cole listening to a game on a transistor radio.

As a black child born to a poor family in the American South at that time, he did not have a birth certificate; his March 17 birthday was recalled because it was also St.

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Marriage and Children First Marriage Nat first married Nadine Robinson in when they were on the road together doing a show called "Shuffle Along". Cole scored his fourth number one pop hit and gold record with "Too Young," which topped the charts on June 23, The song appealed to both black and white audiences and crossed the barrier between jazz and popular music.

Gradually Cole would emerge as a singer. Addressed the Republican National Convention in The network revamped the show in the summer of by expanding it to thirty minutes and increasing the production budget. By the time Nat was 20 his music was known in every beer joint in L.

Brother of bandleader Eddie Cole.

Unforgettable: The Life And Mystique Of Nat King Cole

While these hits were developing, the trio went from its summer replacement berth to its own network radio series, King Cole Trio Time, a minute Saturday afternoon program that debuted on October 19,and ran until April He was hospitalized and diagnosed with lung cancer on December 6, During the following year, he returned to Cuba for another concert, singing many songs in Spanish.

The New York Amsterdam News said that "thousands of Harlem blacks who have worshiped at the shrine of singer Nat King Cole turned their backs on him this week as the noted crooner turned his back on the NAACP and said that he will continue to play to Jim Crow audiences.

About Nat King Cole

He recorded with Illinois Jacquet and Lester Young. They thought that they would never have any more children of their own. On March 28, Easter Sundayjust six days after his divorce became final, Cole married the singer Maria Hawkins Ellington she had sung with the Duke Ellington band but was not related to Duke Ellington.

Success on the jazz labels, however, did not bring in enough money or exposure to support three ambitious musicians and their families. Jazz fans continued to treasure his recordings of the s and s and to dismiss the non-jazz recordings he had made later.

Nat "King" Cole Chicago was a lively center for jazz, the first truly American form of popular music, and young Nat was captivated by the genre. He shared with those peers a career that encompassed hit records, international touring, radio and television shows, and appearances in films.

The dismay of jazz fans at his abandonment of jazz must be measured against his accomplishments as a jazz musician.


The story of his life is a study in success in the face of adversity and the triumph of talent over the ignorance of prejudice.Easily hire Straighten Up And Fly Right Nat King Cole Tribute for your special event: Straighten Up and Fly Right!

an Unforgettable Tribute To Nat King Cole is a presentation of the life story and recording career of Nat King Cole. The show utilizes instrumentation (never tracks) of  · For a mild-mannered man whose music was always easy on the ear, Nat King Cole managed to be a figure of considerable controversy during his 30 years as a professional musician.

From the late '40s to the mid-'60s, he was a massively successful pop singer who ranked with such contemporaries as Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, and Dean shared with those peers a career  · When he was fifteen, Cole dropped out of high school to pursue a music career.

After his brother Eddie, a bassist, came home from touring with Noble Sissle, they formed a sextet and recorded two singles for Decca in as Eddie Cole's Swingsters. They performed in a revival of the musical Shuffle Cole went on tour with the  · The Nat "King" Cole Show, premiered on NBC as a fifteen-minute weekly musical variety show in November Cole, an international star as a jazz pianist and uniquely gifted vocalist, became the first major black performer to host a network variety series.

It was a bruising experience for him  · Nat King Cole became the first African-American performer to host a variety TV series in He's best known for his soft baritone voice and for singles like "The Christmas Song," "Mona Lisa Nat King Cole: Nat King Cole, American musician who was one of the best and most influential pianists of the swing

The musical life and career of nat king cole
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