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Top 100 brands, the digital transformation community is defined by its readiness to engage offline as well as online. For that reason we were compelled to conduct this research identifying the top social influencers, brands and publications driving the digital transformation conversation.

Top 100 global brands, 2018

At the forefront of the conversation are the tools and processes involved in the digitisation of industries; mentions of artificial intelligence and machine learning practices are deeply embedded in discussions and build the foundations for wider debates on the future of digital transformation.

Conversations around digital transformation can be broad in nature; varying in content depending on the type of industry being discussed as well as the subject discussing it. The manufacturing industry is expected to see a large proportion of this investment.

The aim of integrating digital technology into all areas of a business is to improve operations and how they deliver value to customers, employees, suppliers, partners and stakeholders.

2018 BrandZ Top 100 Global Brands

Download The Full Report. The industries that are expected to see the greatest level of growth are Construction, Retail and Healthcare. TOPICAL ANALYSIS We were really interested in seeing which topics received the most attention among the digital transformation community, so we analysed all the conversations among the top influencers from 1st January — 8th March and measured the frequencies of all the keywords used in order to create this word cloud: Other industries that are also forecast to see significant investment include professional services and transportation.

Influencers engage on debates around current data security among tech leaders, organisations and cloud Top 100 brands such as AWS and Azure. This brings about another key theme that defines the social conversations around digital transformation, which is centred around digital and cyber security.

However, there are also themes which are less broad in nature standing out in the top conversations. If you want to see who ranks from be sure to download the full report by clicking the download button below!

This can often necessitate a cultural change and a change in leadership in order to encourage innovation and new business models. Bitcoin, for example, has been a prominent topic of focus for influencers as its blockchain technology is seen to have partly solved some of the immediate issues of digital economies.

We looked at social topical influence as well as topical authority by analyzing both their social engagement on Twitter and how much influencers were referenced in association with digital transformation on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Forums, Blogs, News and Tumblr content.

Nonetheless, we find there are recurring themes within the social activity of the top brands, influencers and publications engaging on the topic.Ranking the world’s most valuable brands. Best Global Brands Rankings.

Digital Transformation Top Influencers, Brands and Publications Digital transformation is the term given to the transformation of business activities, processes and models to fully leverage the.

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Top 100 Global Brands of 2018: Tencent, Alibaba in the Top 10

Global Top Champion Brands APCO Worldwide & Darden School of Business | Brand Performance | Global. Overall ranking based on all Ranking The Brands listings.

The position per brand is based on the number of listings, the position per ranking and the importance of a certain ranking (global, continental, national).

The Ranking The Brands Top is automatically updated if a new brand ranking is listed. Top global brands, The BrandZ ranking of the world’s most valuable brands, compiled by Kantar Millward Brown, part of the WPP advertising group Share on Twitter.

May 23,  · Toyota ($ billion) ranked ninth overall and was the top auto brand.

The top is a global list with brands from 16 different countries, but the U.S. dominates with 54 entries, down from 56 last year.

Germany (12 brands), along with France and .

Top 100 brands
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