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The stimulus or purpose for writing.

VCOP Primary Resources

Each teaching team takes it in turns to supply a sample and all staff participate in "marking" the piece. So there you have it! Vocabulary — The range of vocabulary the child has and can use, including ambitious vocabulary Wow Words!

Before my Day 2 PD session, I was conducting BIG writes under test conditions, however I soon realised that this was wrong and was of no help to me or my students! The strands of writing that the criteria are assessing are: These are the pencils we use for our BIG write; they are just normal HB pencils wrapped in washi tape.

The person who did not write the piece of writing has the highlighter, but both people in the pair are responsible for finding the selected VCOP element.

Once I was back at school and changed tack, it made a huge difference! The only thing on the display should be the Punctuation Pyramid.

Essentially, students are paired with a "breakdown buddy". In my picture, I decided to create my own using some of the resources we were given access to after our PD, as my display is very large and I wanted it to stand out. We also complete a whole-staff vcop writing assessments moderation activity every fortnight, using a BIG write sample from our students.

The scale is also great in that, if a student is scoring particularly high or low, you will know if you need to re-assess their writing on a scale which is a level lower or higher than the one you have chosen. The text type or genre to be written. You too will one day become a Punctuation Sensei master: Talk homework the night before — for children to discuss and prepare mentally what they are going to write about First half of their Big Write — fast, fun work on correct use of vocabulary, connective, sentence openers and punctuation V.

This would also be a great time to conference with kids about their writing. This is where the kids who wrote down notes the night before as part of their "talk homework" can share their ideas if they want. They will not have this scale with them when they are writing.

Once students master a level of punctuation, they get to put the corresponding coloured belt onto their Kung Fu Punctuation Person. Their highlighted piece of writing should then go somewhere safe.

For example, a 14 on Level 2 might equate to 2. Even though the student might be in Year 5, the writing they have produced is reflective of a different standard. I like to put the WOW words for Vocabulary onto yellow pieces of paper, then blu-tack them to my window. All 4 VCOP elements have a related pyramid, which shows a hierarchy of words that students should be using.

Each Standard sets out a number of criteria against which children are assesed. The other 4 cold writes are a narrative, exposition, narrative and recount spanning mid Term 1- Term 4.

We completed Day 2 early in Term 2 the following year and then had the knowledge and skills to use the program in its entirety for the remainder of last year.

In the meantime, I had my kids a few years ago write directly onto the window with liquid chalk, but more recently I have had them use post-it notes when they come across a WOW word or phrase and then stick that to the window.

This is covered in the Day 2 PD offered by Andrell.

Here is what the writing samples should be looking like:FREE VCOP booklet - great tool to improve students' writing FREE VCOP booklet See more. Writing Lessons Teaching Writing Teaching English Teaching Ideas Teaching Resources Punctuation Creative Writing Kung Fu Moves Classroom Ideas Standards for Writing Assessment (formerly The Criterion Scale).

VCOP is a literacy-teaching scheme designed to help children improve the quality of their writing. It is a relatively 'new' way of teaching writing. It is highly effective for students from prep all the way through to high school, and has.

Big Write and VCOP is a methodology for raising the standards in writing across all ages and ability levels throughout Australasia. It seeks to address the reasons why there are falling standards in writing. The Oxford Writing Criterion Scale by Ros Wilson (OWCS) is at the heart of the Big Writing approach.

The OWCS is designed to enable accurate, objective summative assessment of writing and to identify the next steps for a. Planning and assessment materials for the EYFS. VCOP Primary Resources. Browse by Type: Planning. Topic Planning Home Learning; This excellent resource will make a fantastic addition to your VCOP studies.

Perfect to hand out as writing prompts or for discussion.

Save for Later. Ultimate Writing Championship: Stage 1 Men's Division (Raising Writing Engagement) This is The Ultimate Writing Championship! Pupils complete a series of writing challenges that focus on specific skills.3/5(4).

Vcop writing assessments
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