Why i am a catholic

Any good historian worth his salt must admit that the first Christian church existing since the time of Christ is the Roman Catholic Church. We believe in seven sacraments, which Jesus gave to the Church.

He gave a special authority to Peter, whom He called "rock" and to whom He entrusted the keys of the kingdom of heaven. Perhaps, however, our faith often has a simplicity, in the end, that ends up seeming abrupt compared with the litany of doubt we humans are capable of generating.

Robert Bellarmine or Ignatius of Loyola, genuine reformers. The authority comes from Jesus Himself and is guarded by the Church. The patriarch excommunicated the pope, who returned the favor, and the "Orthodox" Churches were born.

I especially love Easter vigil, watching the newest Catholics coming into the Church. The Roman Catholic gospel is a false gospel. See the young people who struggle to live the faith despite a world of temptations.

Since then, Protestantism has splintered into many other Christian churches. This statement does not mean that goodness does not exist in other Christian churches. The second reason I am a Catholic is because of Apostolic succession.

Here was Catholicism in its full bloom and it was as alarming as it was tragic. Rome accurately understands the Protestant position and unapologetically anathematizes it.

To the work of Christ it adds the work of Mary. It was good to say it now with deeper meaning. In many of its forms Roman Catholic worship is idolatrous.

I am not Roman Catholic because Catholic worship is idolatrous. This truth is guarded and applied to a particular time and culture by the magisterium, the teaching authority of the Church. I cannot, because the Roman Catholic Church is a false church. Yes, none of us are perfect.

To the intercession of the Savior it adds the intercession of the saints. See the priests and religious who have dedicated their lives to the service of the Lord and His Church.

Since the time of the Apostles, this authority has been handed down through the sacrament of Holy Orders from bishop to bishop, and then extended to priests and deacons.

Why I Am a Catholic

For the most part, the right for the Church to teach at all in the area of sexual morality is generally dismissed if it involves the actions of consenting adults.

Sproul which had largely been written in response to Evangelicals and Catholics Together. I love the Mass and my faith community. Apostolic succession, the Immaculate Conception and Assumption, and Church teaching on homosexuality are dismissed as well.The difficulty of explaining “why I am a Catholic” is that there are ten thousand reasons all amounting to one reason: that Catholicism is true.

WHY ARE YOU CATHOLIC? Father William Saunders. I sometimes meet people who say, "Oh, I used to be Catholic." Please give me a good answer to respond to the question, "Why are you a Catholic?", A reader in Springfield First, I would say I am a Catholic because this is the Church that Jesus Christ founded.

Any good historian. Aug 24,  · Why — despite sexual abuse scandal — I am still a faithful Catholic.

Abusive priests and bishops used the Catholic Church as a sex club. Despite their sins, there is no truer, better.

Why I Am a Catholic has ratings and 40 reviews. In this provocative work, which could not be timelier, Garry Wills, one of our country's most noted w /5.

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Catholic. That is ultimately why I am Catholic. Because of the Eucharist. I believe it is found in the Communion of the Catholic Church—and only there.

The Catholic Church, I believe, is where man finds everything he is looking for. About the Author. Why I Am Catholic serves as a compelling reproposal of the Church for former Catholics, a persuasive argument for truth and beauty to those who have become jaded and disenchanted with religion, /5(74).

Why i am a catholic
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