Write an account of what would you do if you were invisible for a day

This is definitely something that you would do if you were lucky enough to be invisible. It would be like spying on your neighbor but even better. As soon as the perps show up and start acting all crazy, you disarm them and knock them out. You could, in theory, be the poorest person to ever live the high life if you pulled this one off right.

During my second round, I would become invisible to know the unknown mystery of the world. The best part is that, like shopping at Whole Foods or traveling anywhere that you wanted, no one would be the wiser. Sorry but not sorry because this is super fun to picture even if it can never actually happen.

I asked my students to think about what they would do if they could be invisible, then write down their answers anonymously on a blank piece of paper.

This would make her search for me here and there without any success. Now you really want to be invisible, right?

If you were invisible

You could switch her bedroom and her living room and even put stuff from her kitchen on the balcony. Unless your mom actually believes in spirits and then you might feel bad. If she would call me to bathe in cold winter, I would not fall into her hands.

476 Words Essay on If I Were Invisible

I would be saved from the humiliation of facing my creditors, who come and ask for the money lent to me. Your mom would not yell at you because she would have no idea who was stealing clothes from her. This is even better if the shows and movies on his current list are all horror, science fiction, fantasy, and action.

Public humiliation seemed to be the most common fear. Wells agrees with me. She might think it is a ghost or something. If your friend stole a copy of a mid-term test and offered to share it with you, would you:Best of all, being invisible would mean I'd avoid crowds trying to sell me things.

Yet I'd be sure to return to the airport in time for a flight back to the city, so I didn't become visible and - amid much confusion - end up at the local Chinese embassy. Make no mistake, being invisible means there are some shady things you HAVE to do - come on, you're invisible!


No human is good % of the time, and power corrupts. So invisibility will apply to that, too.


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what would you do if you were invisible for a day?

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Write an account of what would you do if you were invisible for a day
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